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Challenge coin maker a brief talk on the production process of character custom lapel pin

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Character badge is a large series of custom lapel pin, which is essential. Through the plane, three-dimensional, printing and other different production custom lapel pin process, the characters appear on the surface of the badge, so that the badge immediately lifelike. Here are some of the craft of making badges:

Challenge coin

Flat figures: flat figures belong to flat concave convex effect, characters through lines, blocks sketched out, after the late electroplating made antique effect.
Three dimensional figures: stereo characters belong to three-dimensional three-dimensional effect, characters are sketched out by three-dimensional block, the characters have strong three-dimensional feeling, lifelike characteristics, the later can also be plated into antique effect.
Printing characters: some patterns with gradual color can often be printed with badges, such as tourist attractions badges, star stickers, and are mainly divided into flat printing and tin printing.
The above is the double-sided coin manufacturers for you to introduce the production process of the character badge, our company is specializing in the production of various badges, double-sided coin, key buckle, welcome the demand of customers come to buy. Shopping hotline:+86 0760-22557658

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