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How to choose custom lapel pin accessories

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custom lapel pin can be used as souvenirs or accessories. So, how many kinds of badge accessories? And how to choose the custom lapel pin accessories suitable for their own custom lapel pin?

custom lapel pin

custom lapel pin accessories outside have so few spurs, hat, butterfly, butterfly needle, common pins, safety pins, screw etc.. The custom lapel pin factory before making quotations to customers, including a horse and a custom lapel pin needle cap or butterfly butterfly free, if customers need high-grade badge, badge factory will recommend the use of ordinary pin and safety pins. As early as the school badge is used in ordinary pin, now more and more customers with a safety pin.
The tip of the ordinary pin is exposed outside, and it is easy to stab the skin. The pin of the safety pin is wrapped in the needle button and won't hurt the skin. Therefore, it is also welcomed by the customers of the badge making. Some customers don't know the difference between the ordinary pin and the safety pin when making the badge. The badge factory should communicate with the customer more, and recommend the more appropriate pin combined with the different uses of the badge.
These are custom lapel pin accessories introduced by badge manufacturers, and now know how to choose it! Our company will regularly release information about custom lapel pin, please continue to pay attention to.

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