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What are the shortcomings of the ceramic challenge coin?

Source:http://en.toproadpins.com/news/13.htmlRelease time:2017-11-28

If the number of customers making challenge coin is large, it is bound to consider some relatively inexpensive badge materials, such as tinplate badges, plastic badges, ceramic badges, etc. Here is a brief account of the shortcomings of the ceramic challenge coin.

challenge coin

1. the ceramic badge is fragile and should be paid extra attention to when wearing it.

2. As a handicraft, ceramics are not as delicate as metal emblem.

3. the ceramic badge is made cheap and the collection value is not high.

The above three points are the shortcomings of ceramic badges, so when our customers consulted the challenge coin factory, our salesmen would advise customers to cancel thechallenge coin and make metal materials.

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