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The middle age man wears the custom keychain. It's so tide now

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When I was a child, I always saw a string of custom keychain filled with keys on my father's waist. So every time I at home, as long as I heard a bunch of keys clattered rang, you know Dad back (on, every time I secretly read comic books pretend to do homework). So today we come to talk about the key button, just this year, autumn and winter fashion circle also pop up the key button hanging in the pants of this old style of the old style of wear!

custom keychain

As a matter of fact, many girls find it unbearable for boys to hang a bunch of keys in the waist. I think this is the only thing that will happen to the elders.

But in fact, the trend of circle of love keychain with this super straight accessories can There are plenty of people who. It is not like most girls like "old fashioned, but" tide and fashion "performance! As early as this year's YOHOOD in Shanghai, I saw Shawn Yue, NIGO and Pharrell Williams all hanging their custom keychain on their pants.

custom keychain

Shawn Yue has always hung his car keys at the side of his pants.

Look at the three fashion big coffee, is also found hanging in the waist is Keychain red back? Whether you are the key of the trailer or the real family key, it will help you to add color to your shape. And is the car key a symbol of your identity? It's a real ornament.
The key button worn is the simple golden key button. In a word, you should never feel that the custom keychain is made for the key. It can be a fashion accessory, like a ring bracelet. If you don't tie a belt and hang a key button, it's a fashionable choice.
Do you find that the custom keychain are not the exclusive accessories of the fathers, but that the young can be used to shape their own magic weapon!

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