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What is the feature of the custom keychain of the PVC material

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custom keychain, also known as the key buckle, key ring, key chain, key hanging etc.. The materials for making key buckles are generally metal, leather, plastic, wood and so on. It is exquisite, modelling the myriads of changes that people carry daily necessities every day. The key button is a decorative item on the key ring.

custom keychain

There are many kinds of key buckles, such as cartoon modeling, brand modeling, simulation models and so on. Materials are generally copper, aluminum, rubber, plastic, etc. now, they are mainly nickel plated or rhodium rustproof elements on zinc alloy surface. Key buckles have now become a small gift gift.
PVC soft keychain and glue Keychains, PVC keychain, plastic key buckle, key buckle trace.
Using PVC Korean material, DINP oil, KM31 powder is a environmentally friendly PVC, through the authentication of no phthalate {{o - phthalate (or ester)}}. Soft PVC products (micro injection) using imported raw materials, production process unique scientific formula, using non-toxic soft PVC material produced in the world and become popular, the use of imported raw materials, production process unique scientific formula, the quality of the products through the European toy safety standard EN71-1, EN71-2, EN71-3. (product best-selling Europe and the United States market). Key buckles can be made of key rings, and can be made according to customers' requirements. They can make different shapes, sizes and specifications. LOGO designs and cartoon shapes can be printed, and the price is favorable. It's an ideal giveaway for every company's promotional activities.
2, the effect is various. The surface can be planar, 2D solid, 3D solid, etc., and transparent oil can be added to make transparent and translucent. Fluorescent powder can be added to make noctilucent. Flavors can be added to make fragrance, and some small accessories such as compass and thermometer can be put on. Home decoration, applicable occasions, promotions can be applied to many industries. This product has a strong sense of three-dimensional, bright colors, good hand feel, good visual effects, good decoration and advertising effect.
3, it has the advantages of beautiful appearance, little and dainty; pattern diversity also comes from the production of rich imagination and its various patterns, heart-shaped, Christmas trees, butterflies, and all kinds of cartoon shape, a variety of small animal is very lifelike, very cute, beautiful and elegant, is a stylish decor, by boys and girls love. Products are soft, long life and no skin irritation. They are popular fashion accessories in Europe and America. They are also the best choice for new humans. They make you cool.
The above is the key characteristics of PVC material, PVC material and the key buckle can according to their desired size and shape custom, general mold fee is not too expensive, most jewelry store sales of this material, but its disadvantage is relatively easy to become dull color. So what kind of material to choose the key buckle all depends on personal preference! Our company sells all kinds of material key buckles, welcome customers to come to choose and buy!

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