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What's the difference between the medal and the custom lapel pin

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The medal is a honor awarded to a contribution to the National People's badge, medal and was sent to alumni wear badges. The medal is the visible symbol of national honor, and is awarded the medal to honor system or unit.

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The badge and badge is a symbol or symbol of a thing in the era. Its behind must contain rich historical connotation. The badge itself is also a handicraft, so it is loved by more and more people. Now it has become a popular collection, and the badge is one of the essential items in the antique and old market. The badge according to different functions can be divided into badges, such as the army, unit, school internal badge. A medal, a country or unit that gives a person to a meritorious service. The commemorative stamp is the most important badge, such as the Chairman Mao's commemorative seal, and the badges of various important events. The process chapter is purely decorative production badge. The badge can be divided into engraving stamp, electroplating chapter, inlay stamp, casting chapter and so on.

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