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Production description of the alloy challenge coin

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Commemorative making both patterned medals, it is mainly used for memorial collection or exchange. This medal is usually made of copper. Than the copper medal, zinc alloy badge has gradually increased. This is mainly due to zinc alloy material quality is light, the price is relatively cheap. Is a kind of new material instead of copper is popular.

challenge coin

Zinc alloy material, with zinc as the main elements, such as adding other alloy material of aluminum, magnesium, copper, cadmium, lead, titanium and other elements. This material badge factory at present in the market price of around $30 thousand a ton. Large volume of products or products suitable for commemorative badges with zinc alloy material do the products from the most suitable zinc alloy material. This is because the medals if made of copper, the machine pressing its high price and appearance of large tonnage.
The zinc alloy badge making, mold making. The first is the material temperature rose to 400 degrees, so that the material is completely liquefied, then the liquid material into the mold, through the pressure of the machine so that the material in the mold curing, demolding, removing burrs can take out the product. This is a blank production is zinc alloy Memorial primary stage production. Chapter
The zinc alloy badge is die casting, so it has a hand sewn, the seam can be polished will place badge factory Sidecast, such products can be beautiful. But irregular places cannot be polished. The subsequent production and the copper zinc alloy Badge Medal is the same among these, only one difference is that the zinc alloy badge not high temperature. All of the medals baked products in good color, to bake, this color to bright, solid bronze medals. Paint paint baking temperature is 150 degrees and bake for 30 minutes, but the zinc alloy finish two-sided coin top roast only 110 degrees, time is 2-3 hours. This is because of the low melting point of zinc alloy material, baked products too high temperature, easy deformation of internal bubbles, affect the appearance of the product.
As the market demand continues to increase, now zinc alloy sheet is also increasing demand. Because the zinc alloy sheet has the advantages of convenient use, can make products like copper commemorative materials. The sheet thickness is 3.2,3.0,3.5 the main market. This is also several different thickness of zinc alloy badge commonly used with the sheet thickness. You can press badge factory, zinc alloy medal, instead of casting. The stamping process is more convenient than the casting, processing and products than the burr casting effort.

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