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The significance of making the shield type custom lapel pin

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custom lapel pin

In the history of Europe, the badge can be called a symbol of glory and blood. Almost all the top luxury goods and private residence are by the badge as the highest proof of family, and thus become the blood labels of countless aristocrats in the world. Because it represents the rank of the aristocracy, the badge has strict regulations, and it will also change with the identity and grade of the aristocracy. Strictly speaking, the badge is not the Royal Commission, but it exists as name card, although everyone, the meaning is not the same. In this cartoon onslaught of giant, four Corps badge, should also have different meaning, today I'm going to a less knowledgeable people's eyes to discuss the significance of these badges before discussing the badge meaning we need to notice that the four badges are all in the form of a shield then, we will start with a shield shaped badge. Significance began to have a lot of shape, the most common are round and square, there are also some of the more special, such as shield, is making a special badge in the form of. The shield - shaped badge is made as a special form of badge in the manufacture of the badge. It has a special meaning and symbol.

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