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Definition of top grade custom lapel pin

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In the production of custom lapel pin, customers often say that they need to build high-grade badges. But for specific badges, they don't know very well. So what kind of badges are high-grade badges?

custom lapel pin

We are not talking about a high-grade badge refers to the production of precious metal badge, but with copper (copper) as the preferred badge. Copper material is relatively soft, easy to produce a variety of design patterns and is also the badge, badge (copper Cloisonne Enamel Badge, really) required material imitation enamel badges.

All high-grade products, production process will be relatively more complicated, such as badges, badges, bite version printing badge of the badge, production process is very simple, paint, imitation enamel badges badges can only be regarded as quasi high-grade badge, cloisonne badges (Zhen Falang) can be called high-grade badge, its production process is very complex (see the cloisonne production process).
The badge is mostly used in high-grade is one of the important activities, business gifts is very good, but not to say that the most expensive badge is the best badge, only for their own needs, in line with the application, the production process is the most suitable badge is the high-grade badge in the true sense.

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