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The difference between zinc alloy custom lapel pin and lead tin alloy custom lapel pin

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In the custom lapel pin making, some custom lapel pin require fine workmanship, strong stereo effect, common stamping process is difficult to show, then we must advise clients with zinc alloy custom lapel pin or Pewter custom lapel pin to make.

custom lapel pin

Zinc alloy custom lapel pin and Pewter custom lapel pin belong to the same kind of alloy custom lapel pin, but the two is a little bit different:
Zinc alloy steel mold production, products work fine, clear edge, clear text patterns visible, and the hardness ratio of Pb Sn alloy is high, good wear resistance, surface smooth, polishing is not easy deformation of trachoma less, surface treatment, such as electroplating, paint spraying, etc..
Lead tin alloy zinc alloy hardness not strong, easy to damage, the silicone rubber mold in the production, but also because of its soft texture, low melting point, welding characteristics can be applied to more complex, hollow or hollow parts and other products.

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