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The challenge coin manufacturer introduces several craft custom lapel pin for you

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The character custom lapel pin is a large series of custom lapel pin made by making custom lapel pin in different ways, such as plane, three-dimensional, printing, etc., so that the characters appear on the surface of the custom lapel pin, so that the custom lapel pin are instantly lifelike. Here we introduce the craft of the custom lapel pin:

challenge coin

1, plane figure: plane characters belong to the plane concave and convex effect, characters through line, block out, after the later electroplating is made into antique effect.
2, the stereoscopic Personas: the stereoscopic characters belong to the three-dimensional effect. The figures are outlined through the stereoscopic block. The characters are three-dimensional and strong, and vivid.
3, print Personas: some patterns with gradient colors often use the technology of printing custom lapel pin, such as custom lapel pin of tourist scenic spots and star top stickers, which are mainly divided into flat printing and tinplate printing.

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