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How to make a large batch of custom lapel pin in a short time

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The duration of the 1000 custom lapel pin is about 5-7 days, so how to make 1000 badges in such a short time in three days, we should recommend the "flat plate printing technology" produced by the badges.

custom lapel pin

Lithographic printing technology is mainly aimed at the complicated artwork badge, does not involve the mold, hand coloring, this can save a lot of time, it is directly through the professional printing machine design printing on the surface of the badge, after drying on the surface with a layer of transparent resin (Boli) to protect the pattern.
The badges used in the plate printing emblem are made of iron, stainless steel, stainless steel and copper. In this way, it is all right to make 1000 badges in a very short time like three days.
In addition to the tablet printing badge, badge and screen printing, offset printing badge, production process will be similar, after drying the surface coated with a layer of transparent resin (Boli) to protect the pattern, collectively referred to as the badge.
Printing badges can be produced in a fast and mass way, and meet the design of badges with complex patterns. They are especially suitable for making badges for landscapes to produce customer needs, such as tourism custom lapel pin, scenic spots custom lapel pin, etc.

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