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The custom keychain manufacturer tells you what kind of custom lapel pin is the best

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The iron custom lapel pin is much cheaper than the copper - based badge. The iron emblem mainly consists of iron badges, iron lacquer badges, iron commemorative medallion and iron paint commemorative medallion. The iron badge is similar to the copper badge and badge. It has the effect of biting, stamping, baking, printing and so on. The surface can be plated with gold, nickel and bronze.

custom keychain

Iron copper is hard, no more strong sense of line copper, iron is easily oxidized, so in the production of iron custom lapel pin is the best in the surface with a layer of transparent resin (Boli), have a certain gloss, looks beautiful and beautiful.
Although iron badges are cheaper than bronze badges, many customers still need to start from their own needs when they are making badges, and only the best custom lapel pin are suitable for their requirements.
The bronze badge is made and the emblem is often used in the manufacture of the custom lapel pin.

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