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Selection and comparison of the main material of custom lapel pin making

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Metal emblem is made of copper, iron, zinc alloy or gold, silver and other metal materials, through a certain process of badge. In recent years, the badge collection value more and more prominent, especially the made of metal badges and medals, is becoming more mainstream badge making at present, such as high-grade badge in enamel badges and imitation enamel badges, badges and paint, and made of iron metal badge price is relatively cheap, these are the main customers choose a badge making contrast

custom lapel pin

The following is a brief introduction to the characteristics of various materials.
Copper: copper (including brass, copper, copper) is the preferred metal, making high-grade badge and the copper used for enamel badges made of brass and bronze, mainly used for imitation enamel badges and insignia badge making metal paint. Copper is a relatively soft metal material. It is made of metal badges with many materials. The metal badges produced are beautiful and good quality. Its general thickness is 1.2 millimeters, 1.5 millimeters or 1.8 millimeters. The thickness of commemorative badges is generally 3 millimeters.
Iron: iron is a kind of material we are the most common, it has a characteristic of good hardness, prices are relatively cheap, so produced by iron metal badge price is much cheaper, but also in the iron badge surface plating or paint the effect with bronze badge is very similar, also has good texture. However, one of the shortcomings of the iron metal badge is that it is easy to rust if a long time is transported by sea, so we do not recommend an iron badge for a foreign customer.

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