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Making method of high light custom lapel pin die

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The quality and quality of high gloss badge depends largely on the quality of mould, and it is the basis for the production of high gloss badge.
The mould for the high gloss badge should be equipped with 1. word map, which has enough depth, about twice the depth of the ordinary badge, and the consistency of the depth is better. The edge of the 2. line should have an appropriate slope. So that the material can be stripper in the process of F. When the slope is too large, with the increase of the milling depth, it will cause the deformation of the character graph. If the slope is too small, it will not only be difficult to carve the mold, but also cause the difficulty of stripping when stamping.

custom lapel pin

The production of high light grade die can be taken as follows: 1. die milling machine. The engraving machine processing of high light badges stamping die, to ensure uniform depth, slope accurately, although some pen sharp round not sharp, usually do not affect the quality of products, to have special requirements, can be used to remedy the defects of hand carved, proved by engraving machine processing mold quality ideal. However, this method has a long period of production and high cost. 2 hand carved. High light badge die hand carved by extrusion, carving skills, the simple graphics basic can meet the requirements, but must be done before the quenching sample press check, the deficiencies should be repeated when trimming, quality to meet the basic requirements before quenching, hand carved mold of the short construction period and low cost. But the surface quality of the mould engraving and milling as well.

The back mold is relatively simple, usually by hand carving, the number of words, the small size of the back model, also can be cut and milling machining.
The blade die, which falls in shape, usually can be made by hand according to the real sample of the products made. The gap with the knife edge model should be small, both sides should make out the flat light, small and smooth without burr product warpage, otherwise it will cause difficulties to the milling process, under the increasing rate of waste.
When the mold is finished, it is usually squeezed out of the word map on the punch of more than 80 tons. In the punching should focus adjustment fixture, the semi-finished product word contour extruded. Clear, special attention should be paid to the consistency check of thick products. 

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