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The characteristics and applications of hollow ceramic microspheres

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Hollow ceramic microsphere is a hollow, closed, spherical, powder - like super light filling material. The true density of the grain diameter and wall thickness is between 0.12 and 0.60g/cm3, and the particle size is between 15 and 135um (including a variety of specifications). It has the advantages of large light weight, low thermal conductivity, dispersivity, fluidity, and good stability. In addition, it has excellent properties such as insulation, self lubrication, sound insulation and insulation, non water absorption, corrosion resistance, radiation protection, non-toxic and so on. Thermosetting and thermoplastic resin products, this product can be filled in the vast majority of types, the following properties can be improved or determined by the material density (decrease), fluidity, viscosity, rheological properties (reduced) (thickening, sagging), matte effect, shrinkage (decrease), mechanical processing (improve), impact strength, hardness, insulation, explosive properties, acoustic properties, thermal insulation properties, improve wear resistance of resin, it will be added to the resin, reduces the friction coefficient of resin, improves viscosity. Polymer additives are generally added to plastic and engineering plastics, which are used to produce bearings, connectors and slideways and other parts that need sliding. While improving the wear resistance, it also improves the chemical resistance and temperature resistance of the resin.

Hollow ceramic microsphere is a hard, hollow, thin-walled and light sphere, and has a high intensity density ratio, suitable for a variety of technological conditions.
Hollow ceramic microspheres have a wide range of applications in the following industries.
1, building materials: putty, adhesive, artificial stone, paint and so on.
2, light plastic: thermoplastic, SMC, BMC, RIM, RTM and so on.
3. Space and navigation components and various military facilities.

4, oil and gas field mining: completion fluid, lightweight cement, floating body and so on.

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