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New techniques used in commemorative coins in the new era

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Commemorative coins is a kind of important coins, commemorative coins was mainly used to negotiable currency commemorate some important festivals or politics, history, culture, outstanding people, places of historic interest and scenic beauty and rare animals and plants and other things, the collection is only incidental function, specific topics and the limited edition is the main characteristic of commemorative coins. To commemorate the new technology used in the new era, our company is a professional manufacturer of commemorative coins. We will make a detailed introduction to you.

1. On the basis of the circular coin, the special form is added, mainly: rectangle, polygon, fan-shaped, plum blossom shape.
2, based on the natural currency, we developed the color currency series, that is to print printed patterns on the side of gold and silver coins, increase the new artistic effect of gold and silver coins, and its color is wear-resistant and corrosion resistant, and it can remain bright for a long time.
3, in the casting, sand blasting, high relief and other technologies are also widely used. The pattern is partially sprayed into a very fine frosted surface. When producing gold and silver coins, there is a beautiful silver layer in the pattern part, or the height of the pattern is higher than the surface of the coin, which increases the sense of three-dimensional and hierarchy.
4, in a single metal coin based on the research and development of double metal coins and local silver plated, a coin with two different colors of the metal outer ring, inner die casting, such as gold and silver plated Xinyin outer ring; local refers to the metal in the local mosaic pattern on the silver coins.

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