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Small challenge coins attract countless friends' hearts

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Now many people do not understand, is the game really so attractive? The network is a virtual world, the unknown new way ahead is a good way to reduce the pressure, and it challenges the coin in the game to attract players to play, to get more and more coins, at the same time, in the game to upgrade the goal, and to achieve the goal of a sense of achievement is exciting.

The function of synthesizing coins through fire lines is to synthesize CF props. First of all, we have to have the design drawings, the design drawings to be awarded in the 15 pass through the guard mode, in addition to a certain amount of synthetic coins. Click "synthetic system". See if it meets the synthetic conditions. If it fits, click on the next step. It can be synthesized. Finally, you will get 3 or 7 days, 30 days or 180 days or permanent props.
The player can collect the LV challenge coin by completing the task. It can be exchanged for the spirit of the soul. If it reaches the full level, it will be able to get the voucher of the halo slide. If you use the role of the guardian to participate in activities, you can get more surprises. The target LV will be set. If the players reach the goal, they can use LV to challenge the coin exchange Award. In the latter few challenges, coins will be returned if they are wrong, but what is worse is that they will lose more than a half of the challenge coins.

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