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Virtual currency users with custom keychain

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Keys are paired, composed of a private key and a public key. Public key is like a bank account, and the private key as the signature of the control account PIN number or cheque.

The ownership of the virtual currency is the currency of the through digital key, addresses, and established the digital signature.
Digital key is not actually stored in the network, but is generated by the user and stored in a file or a simple database, the database and run the database of the hardware is called the wallet. Digital key stored in the users purse is completely independent of the virtual currency agreement, can be generated by software user wallet and management, without having to block chain or network connection. Key to implement many of the interesting features of virtual currency, including trust and decentralized control, ownership verification and a security model based on cryptography to prove.

Public-key encryption invented in the 1970 s. It is the mathematical basis of computer and information security.
Since the public key encryption once invented, put forward some suitable mathematical functions, such as: prime power and elliptic curve method. The mathematical functions are irreversible, that is to say easily in one direction, but not back to the opposite direction. Based on the mathematical functions of cryptography, makes the generated custom key chain and unforgeable digital signature is possible. The currency is using elliptic curve multiplication as the basis of the public key encryption algorithm.

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