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Challenge COINS is also worthy of collection value

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challenge coinS, game currency, some people like to get a lot of challenge COINS, and then put them together in together, after all is convertible precious items, but some players don't know where to change, some people also like to collect it up and collect all kinds of COINS, the patterns of the different shape. Actually looked at the inscription above picture word or look good, put them together with various kinds of storage, collection, also can be put in somewhere to show or appreciation.

So say, everybody also pretty want? First of all, no contact with this kind of new players game, can choose a simple first first, or choose a challenging, that is the question. If you have confidence in myself, also might as well to challenge the above four professional, one thousand awakening, the force found himself actually is hidden a great god also perhaps oh.
But play roaming very needs certain technical basis, and not low, the time and money sometimes you spent the money spent, or salted fish might end up a... Need careful consideration before into the pit.

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