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Key chain is generally how to use

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Many people like to add a few ornament on the key ring, add some lovely key chain, on the one hand can remind go out remember to bring, on the other hand lost in one thousand when find it better and faster.

Key buckle production, small key buckle, many uses;

Use a keychain, a lot, such as some bags monotonous, key chains can be hung in the bag, for decoration, the decoration of the keychain bags, the result is not large; therefore, in modern society, keyholders girls preferred; can also act as a Home Furnishing pendulum, show strange cartoon; key buckle when children's toys, also can carry, become Unisex everyday items;
Two, the key buckle material is mainly made of alloy, copper, not easy to rust, easier maintenance;
Three, small size, light weight, easy to carry,
Four, inexpensive, excellent material, excellent function, reasonable price, relatively easy to allow consumers to accept.

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