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The characteristics of the custom lapel pin making process

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The emblem of the types are: national emblem, emblem, badge, badge, badge, badges, badge, badge, Army Navy Air Force badge, emblem, emblem, urban forestry, public security and quarantine emblem emblem, emblem, emblem, women's Hospital of Anhui, Anhui, tax justice, court, procuratorate of Interpol emblem emblem emblem, emblem, Lu Zhenghui, CPPCC the people's mediation and Anhui, Anhui, Silver Commemorative Medal, new business logo, new public security and Anhui.

custom lapel pin

Badge production process legend description of the most done several badges process, paint, imitation enamel, stamping, and other badges process: bite plate (etching), screen printing, offset printing, 3D three-dimensional effect. Then what are the characteristics of the badge craft?
1. paint Badge
The surface can be coated with a layer of transparent protective resin (Boli), a process known as "glue" (note that because light refraction of reason, on the surface of the glue after the badge, but with bright) resin paint badge will lose the concavity, but can play a protective role of LOGO.
Imitation enamel badges of the surface is flat, (relative to paint it, in fact, metal lines, imitation enamel badges surface with his fingers to feel there is still a little bit convex) badge surface line can gold, silver and other metal color, various imitation enamel paint filler metal line between imitation enamel big picture effect.
2. imitation enamel badges
The making process is similar to the Enamel Badge (Cloisonne badge). The difference from the real enamel is that the badges used are different from enamel pigments (one is true enamel pigment, one is synthetic enamel pigment, and the other is enamel pigment)
Imitation enamel badges, exquisite workmanship, enamel color smooth surface, especially fine, give a person a kind of very upscale luxurious feel. It is the first choice of manufacturing process. If you do a beautiful and high-grade badge, please choose imitation enamel badges.
3. stamping badges
The general stamping badge badge material with copper (copper, copper etc.), zinc alloy, aluminum, iron and so on, it also can be called metal badges. Among them because the most soft copper, the most suitable for the production of badges, so the copper pressure badge line most clear, zinc alloy badge of the corresponding copper price pressure badge is the highest. The surface of stamping badge can do all kinds of plating effect, including plating, nickel plating, copper plating, plating and other ancient bronze, silver plated plating effect. Various stamping parts of the recess can also be processed into grinding sand effect.
4. print badges
For screen printing, flat printing. Generally called badge, badge because the last process on the surface of the badge with a layer of transparent protective resin (Boli), the use of the material is stainless steel, bronze 2 materials. The bronze back effect, copper or stainless steel surface plating processing printing badge using grey or drawing processing.
Screen printing badges mainly for simple graphics, less color.
Flat panel printing: for complex patterns, colors, especially with gradients.
These are the characteristics of all kinds of badge making techniques. 
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