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Mold production custom lapel pin

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Mold production
According to the customer's original drawings, requirements or samples, first do the effect of the product drawing, approved by the customer, the formal order production. After (1) numerical control programming (2) by the digital control machine to complete the engraving (3) heat treatment (4) line cut (5) die assembly

Mold species
(1) stamping die (punching and shearing die, bending die, drawing die, plastic die)

(2) forging die (upper and lower die, embossing die)

(3) composite mold (forging and pressing together with several processes to complete)

(4) die casting mold (plane mold, three-dimensional mold, core mold, license plate frame mold)

Mold in addition to its own, but also the need for mold base, die frame, die core, feeding device, guide parts everywhere ejection device. These parts are also called manipulator. It is generally made into universal or computer-controlled.

2. Stamping
Stamping processing is to rely on the press, oil press, forging press and mold on the plate, strip (copper, brass, cold tie iron, aluminum) to exert external force, plastic deformation or separation, so as to obtain the required shape and size of the semi-finished product. Stamping finished products is the first process flow, lines, letters, patterns must be clear and complete, accurate size.

3 die-casting
Die casting is a process in which molten metal is filled with casting mold at high pressure and high speed and crystallized and solidified to form products. Die casting process is the process of integrating die casting machine, die casting mold and zinc alloy. To make a qualified product, it is necessary to get the pressure, speed, temperature and time and other technological factors to get a unified coordination, plus the selection of high-quality materials and advanced design of the mold. In addition to the lines, letters and patterns of die-casting products must be clear and complete, accurate size, but also not water grain.
4 laser cutting
Laser cutting is the use of concentrated high power density laser beam irradiation of the workpiece, so that the irradiated material quickly melt, ablation or reach the ignition point, and at the same time with the beam coaxial high-speed airflow blowing away the molten material, so as to achieve the product cutting.

5 batch front is due to the production process pursuit of products without water grain, increase pressure and die surface anastomosing and other reasons, except batch front generally use high-speed drilling machine to install special milling cutter and use file. The finished product is more beautiful after the batch.

Weld and stitch
Both the needle and the pot needle are made for wearing badges. The needle is made for fire welding, tin welding, silver welding, copper welding and glue welding. The wok needle is made by pressing the wok needle into a drill press mould and then casting the pin on it.

7 polishing
Polishing is the use of machinery, polishing wheel, polishing wax role to make the surface of the product bright. For the products of different materials (sand, soft, hard, hemp wheel, soft and hard cloth wheel) different polishing wax is used. The product after polishing not only has brightness, without hemp dot, still should not be out of shape.

08 electroplating is the process of using electrolysis principle to coat the product surface with a layer of metal specified by the customer. In electroplating, the coating metal and insoluble solution to do the anode, the product to be plated to do the cathode, the cationic coating metal deposition on the surface of the product to be plated to form a coating, make the product more bright, beautiful and improve the wear resistance of the product and prevent oxidation of the product. Qualified electroplating products must be free from bubbles and pitting.

09 spray paint process is to spray paint the product after the oil, paint, phosphating, drying, according to the customer requirements of color, product quality spray paint. Spray primer in operation, dry, then spray topcoat, bake to death.

10 color
Coloring is one of the most important processes in a handicraft factory and the most important process for determining the quality of a product.
Details left
1, enamel (jingtai basket), the base tire is forged and pressed with copper plate, enamel powder is the mineral silicon, lead red, boron sand, feldspar, quartz and other raw materials in proportion. Various colored metal oxides were added and roasted and ground into powder. When using, select enamel powder according to the special color card. After grinding and soaking with pure water, dry the cleaned bottom tire with a flat head iron needle and sintering at high temperature. After cooling sulfuric acid, water, air dry on another color, and then sintering. After all colors are sintered, the grindstone is started, first rough and then fine, and then the product is repaired. The final sintering determines the smoothness and brightness of the enamel surface. After the process is polishing and electricity.

2, false enamel (imitation enamel) base tire: copper plate, copper plate, cold rolled plate, zinc alloy, etc. False enamel paste is ground with epoxy resin and toner. When using, add hardener according to proportion after toning according to color card, dry the bottom tire cleaned and heated with syringe, then add another color, after all colors are finished, grind flat with no. 240 sand belt wheel. Epoxy resin hardness and polishing wheel, wax determines the brightness of the product surface.

3. The baking process is to color the products that have been electroplated. Paint we choose acrylic acid high temperature paint, so that the product does not change color for a long time. Mix color hind go up to the product with needle cylinder, there is colorizing machine on the market at present, order quantity is big can consider to use, go up commonly a kind of color is wiped with clean cloth. After coloring, wipe clean and bake to death. There are often customer requests for electroplated products with fake enamel paste. For the price of baking lacquer, received goods of fake enamel.

4. Printed badges (plate printing, screen printing), generally made of 0.6mm -- 0.8mm stainless iron plate and brass plate, the surface can be electroplated, can also be natural color or wire-drawing sealing oil treatment. Lithography is especially suitable for scenic badges with complex patterns, multiple colors and gradual changes. Screen printing is mainly for customers to require special color, simple patterns of badges, number plates. After the printed badge is flushed out, a layer of glue is usually applied to the needle and anti-burr.

5, bite the plate badge, the design of the badge manuscript film film negative, through the exposure exposure, the plate on the badge manuscript on the copper plate, and then use chemical agents in the special machine corrosion out of the pattern, and then color, grinding polishing, punching, welding needle, electroplating, glue drops.

11 screen printing processing
Screen printing process (different from screen printing badge) is to overprint letters or patterns on fake enamel, flat metal and glue surface as required by customers.

12 on the diamond
Water drill is the different color, quality, size of the water drill on the product, to play the icing on the cake, to confuse the genuine with the fake, increase the highlight of the product. Qualified product drilling to clean and tidy, in order to beautiful and generous.

13 a glue
Drip gum, also known as gaborium, plus resin. Apply a layer of glue to the surface of the product, either naturally or by heating. Protect the surface of the product and make it more beautiful.

14 car ribbons
The ribbon is the link between the medal and the ribbon. It needs to be done manually on the electric clothes cart. All MEDALS with ribbons must be protected

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