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The brooch pin is fixed and unscrambled.

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In life, many people prefer to wear brooches, of course, some do not need to wear this thing, wearing brooches is nothing more than to make the whole dress look more delicate, so that the whole person also looks more energetic. Then there are rules to wear the brooch suit. Men's brooches are always worn in a strict way. They should be worn on the left side when wearing leading clothes; on the right side when wearing unleaded clothes; on the right side when the hairstyle is left, on the left side when wearing the opposite; and on the top and bottom of the brooches, they should be in parallel position between the first and second buttons. Ladies can create their own way of wearing as they like. The traditional way of fastening brooch is to fasten brooch on lapel of coat. 

But this season, Flower Brooch can be worn anywhere. Cartoon Brooch Pin pin, Brooch Pin on pocket of coat or even jeans pocket will be refreshing. Of course, when wearing formal clothes, you can choose larger brooches, better materials and pure colors. When wearing shirts or thin woolen sweaters, Brooch pins can be customized to wear novel and exquisite brooches.

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