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Know what a military challenge coin is?

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After seeing this term, many people who have not played the war armour net may not understand it, which means that they do not even know what the "challenge coin" is, or how they are used in the modern army. In fact, the use of challenge coins is very common in many fields. In the hands of some domestic military collectors, there are also many physical collections of challenge coins.

The historical roots of the challenge coin can be traced back to the fact that the generals of the Roman Empire rewarded soldiers with coins in recognition of their achievements. In the five major branches of the Armed Forces of the United States, federal and state law enforcement agencies and fire departments have a long tradition of using this coin. These coins usually carry the logo or motto of the production unit, representing the overall image and even core values of the unit, and are often exchanged, displayed and collected among the members of the unit, instilling a sense of pride from collective honor for the recipients. Sense.

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