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Customized lapel pin clip and pin clip

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Pin clip, a flexible needle, mostly made of metal. One end is fixed, the other end is sharp and open, mostly fixed with metal. It is used to fix cloth, paper and so on together. They are divided into pins and paper clips (paper clips, also known as safety pins).

What's the function of pin clips in our office? I believe many people want to know this question. What other uses do small pin clips have?

In the office, pin clip is the most common use is to clip documents, paper and documents together, play a fixed role. When I was young, I saw my neighbors wear paperclips and wrap them in colorful paper as curtains. It was very beautiful. After the pins were broken, they could also be twisted into various small works of art, including bicycle-shaped ones. Only by breaking through your fixed thinking and exerting your imagination can you know how rich it is. Let's try our best to think about it. The answers are varied.

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