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Precautions for gift keychain customization

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When producing all kinds of keychains, the production staff must pay attention to the following requirements to ensure the quality of the keychains is excellent and the details are impressive.

Gift keychain is a medium that can be used to convey the information of the giver (metal keychain is a good choice as a gift), so we must first understand the customer’s information, including basic conditions, cultural characteristics, brand information, product conditions, market conditions, etc. . The so-called "know oneself and the enemy, a hundred battles will never end." Only by fully understanding the customer can we understand the message that the customer wants to pass through the customized gift and make a plan that conforms to the customer's style.

Secondly, it is necessary to analyze the purpose that customers want to achieve by using customized gifts.

The purpose of custom-made gifts is an important point. Customized gifts for different purposes have different goals to achieve, and their customized features are also different. What should the company pay attention to when customizing gifts? Generally, according to the different needs of gifts customized by customers, gifts can be divided into four categories: business gifts, conference gifts, welfare gifts and promotional gifts.

Once again, we must understand the recipient’s information.

Whether the gift can play the expected role depends on the response of the recipient. Whether the recipient can be satisfied, we must first understand the recipient’s information, including the recipient’s group attributes, consumer preferences, and so on.

Recipients of business gifts: mainly cooperating enterprises, groups, or persons in charge on behalf of the enterprises or groups. When the recipient is an enterprise or group, most of them only consider the cultural and value of the gift. If the recipient is the person in charge of the business, the recipient’s age, gender, personality, cultural background, etc. should be classified into the common preferences of such people, so as to choose elegant and practical gifts.

Recipients of welfare gifts: mainly internal employees. The types of welfare gifts can be determined according to the age distribution of employees, educational background, etc., or the types of gifts can be determined directly according to the nature of the industry in which the enterprise is located. Because practitioners in each industry will have common characteristics.

Recipients of promotional gifts: can be simply summarized as consumers. The consumers faced by promotional gifts are *difficult to analyze and *need to be analyzed. First of all, it is necessary to clarify the target consumers of the promotion, and then extract the common characteristics of their groups in terms of cultural background, age, preferences, habits, and spending power, so as to find suitable promotional gifts for them. 

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