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Which material is better for custom keychains

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In modern times, the keychain is like an ancient purse. It is an ornament when people go out. Of course, with the increase in functions and uses, it slowly evolved into a personalized custom keychain.

Our common keychains are nothing more than three types, one is metal, the other is PVC plastic, and the other is acrylic keychain.

Today we are here to talk about the difference:
Metal keychains are usually made of zinc alloy materials. They are usually made by baking varnish and electroplating. They have a wide range of uses. They are used from the sixtieth year to the cardamom year. It is our most common type of key. buckle.
PVC keychains, this type of keychain is mainly targeted by animation enthusiasts, generally belonging to individual keychains. You can make your favorite cartoon characters, animals, etc. The keychains made are very beautiful, soft, and very comfortable to touch, and will not hurt yourself and others like a metal. The custom-made process of PVC keychains is basically done by dispensing, using imported raw materials and a unique process, which is currently very popular in Japan.
Acrylic keychain, also known as plexiglass, is the most obvious feature is transparent, you can put a picture in the middle. The advantages of good toughness, resistance to damage, and strong repairability make it very popular. 

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