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How to wear a men's lapel pin

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To add personality and embellishment to a dull old suit, wearing a lapel pin is a good way. Whether you wear it often or just try it on, you can create a nice look that will make you unique. Choose the right pin and use it correctly, you can wear it with confidence. You can also learn to match the most fashionable pin styles.

1. If you are just starting to wear it, you can try a tie stick. Choose classic style pins, which are safe in appearance and easy to wear. The tie rod has a decorated needle, a thin needle, and a knob that can slide up and down to protect the needle. This is the most common lapel pin, wearing this style can ensure that your style will not be out of date.

2. Protect beautiful suits with magnetic pins. Choose pins with magnetic buckles to avoid leaving small holes in your cherished clothes. These pins are fixed by clamping the lapel with 2 magnetic buckles. It is a pity that this pin is not as strong as other styles.
3. If you need frequent activities, use screw-nut style pins. If you want to play lawn games when attending a wedding, or need to walk frequently, you can choose screw-nut style pins. These pins are fixed with flat-head screws and are the strongest of all styles.
4. Try to use butterfly buckle pins to show your lively side. If you want to wear a chic pin, you can choose a butterfly buckle pin. These pins have a sharp needle at one end and a cup-shaped opening at the other end to hold the needle. This kind of pin is usually very small and works best with school badges, flags or other special shapes.

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