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Why should foreign countries customize their custom lapel pin in China?

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In China gathered like Jinxiang, Pingyang and other major badge production base, the annual production of badges in addition to supply the domestic market, to break the stream sold abroad, according to incomplete statistics, there are 2/3 foreign badges from China, China manufacturing has become the story of foreign badge.
The United States is one of the countries with the largest number of badges in the world. There are also many badge factories in China, and many badge middlemen still buy badges from china:
1, production costs. The raw materials, the production cost is higher than the market China.
2. Convenient transportation. From China to make badges, through UPS, DHL, FEDEX and other transportation, convenient and smooth, quickly arrived at the hands of customers.
3, quality assurance. Quality is the key to the survival of the badge factory, which is also one of the most important reasons for foreign customers to see the mainland badge factory. Good quality plus professional service is the magic weapon to win customers.

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