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How to maintain challenge coin?

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Here are some commonly used storage methods and appliances, as well as the advantages, disadvantages and scope of application of these methods.
1, money bag storage: paper and plastic film made of standard size (50 mm *50 mm) pouch. It can be divided into single bag, double bag and multi bag. Coin bags are cheap. The bag is convenient for writing that can be made, but opaque, ornamental inconvenience. Plastic bags are transparent and intuitive, but if the material is polyvinyl chloride (PVC), it is easy to cause corrosion or damage to the coin metal for long time storage. All kinds of PVC free materials, but also more brittle. The coin bag suitable for circulation coins and coin collection generally short-term storage and trading in transportation. The most convenient way to use transparent film support as the primary protection of coin pouch.
2, paper storage: its production method is out of the coin holes of different diameters on the cardboard lining, transparent film, and then die or staple self-adhesive, uniform size (50 mm *50 mm). The use of paper storage moderate price, convenient for writing and appreciation, and this method is applicable to all kinds of coins. If the transparent film material is polyvinyl chloride (PVC), it will cause corrosion or damage to the coin metal for long time storage. But now there are more high-grade paper, transparent film has been used with PVC (NO-PVC, PVC-FREE) made of high-grade materials (see Figure 1), the better the long-term protective effect on the coin.
3, coin box storage: coin box made of transparent plastic, the shape is square or round, lined with soft cushion, coin box can be of various sizes. The price of this coin box is slightly higher. Its characteristic is transparent and intuitive, not easy to damage the currency, but not easy to write instructions. Can be used for the collection of coins, especially refined coins and gold coins. The coin box package, can be completely airtight, labeling and bar code. The price of the package currency box is higher, can be used for high-end currency products, especially after the coin grade identification products.
4, currency book storage: currency book is generally composed of cover and inner pages, inner pages are loose leaf, with different sizes. The coin book is cheap, easy to store coins and purchase transactions, transparent and intuitive. But loose materials such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) containing high, not easy long-term storage of coins. In addition to the special coin folder loose leaf manuals (see chart 2), its price slightly higher. In the coin coin folder does not directly contact with the sheet, can prevent corrosion, and uniform. The coin folder is the combination of general and loose coins the ideal storage, wide application.

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