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The difference between plane custom lapel pin and stereoscopic custom lapel pin

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The general custom lapel pin production refers to the flat 2D custom lapel pin, but there are also many clients making 3D 3D custom lapel pin. Where is the difference between 2D graphic custom lapel pin and 3D 3D custom lapel pin?

custom lapel pin

2D planecustom lapel pin: stereo is through the bulge and wa metal down, the convex part can be metal lines, can also be a piece of metal, and some commonly used depression into the color to distinguish, but there is no color, direct stamping, the general feeling is the visual effect.
3D stereoscopic custom lapel pin: the stereoscopic feeling is displayed through the three-dimensional pattern, the protruding part is not only the metal line and the block, but the whole three-dimensional pattern, the image is vivid, but wonderful, but the visual impact is strong.

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